News from Pilot Phase

Pilot phase news

2018-01-25 Thank you everyone for a great and productive meeting yesterday. Unfortunatly the weather was not with us, so some of you couldn't join us. The power point presentation will be uploaded shortly, so that you can take part of what was presented at the meeting. A newsletter, with updates from the study, will be an addition to our news page as the main study starts on the 15th of March 2018. This newsletter will also be emailed to you. Our homepage will also be updated shortly, with all the documents you need for the main study, FAQ page, and links to the eCRF page. Bear with us until then!

2018-01-24 Investigator meeting! You have received an email with an invitation to our investigator meeting on the 24th of January 2018 at Arlanda Airport. This is an important meeting for the upcoming main study. Please let us know if you can join us! Warm Welcome!

2018-01-19 We have recruited a new member to the steering committee, -Felix Böhm- PhD Cardiology at KS Solna. Per Nordberg has left his assignment as a steering committee member, we thank him for his commitment to the pilot study. Per will still be investigator at Södersjukhuset in the main study.

2017-12-19 We have recruited two new members to the steering committee. -Tobias Cronberg- Associate Professor, Consultant in neurology and rehab medicine at the Skåne University Hospital, and -Peter Lundgren- Md, Specialists in Cardiology at Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg. Welcome! Leif Svensson will not be joining us in the main study, we would like to thank him for his contributions  in the DISCO pilot study.  Sten Rubertsson will be the only PI for the main study. We are looking forward to a New Disco Year with a new randomisation module and a new database.

2017-12-05 GREAT NEWS! Our study is now fully funded by Hjärt-Lungfonden (with 2 milion swkr) and VR (with close to 17 milion swkr). We also have fundings from Laerdahl and ALF.

2017-06-07 EPN has approved the amendment for the main study. Keep including patiens as allways until we tell you otherwise. We will visit every site and introduce the new randomization web page (Sealed envelope) and the new EDC system (Open Clinica).

2017-04-05 Gävle has included their first patient! Now we have 60 patients! Well done everyone! If we continue in this rate, we will reach our goal with 80 patients!

2017-02-02 At the steering committee meeting on the 1 of february 2017, it was decided that from this date, every participating hospital will get 3000 swedish crowns for every included patient in the DISCO-pilot study. Hopefully this will give some compensation to those who work with the study and will contribute to the inclusion-rate.                                                                                                                          Today we have 54 patients in the pilot study. 15 of april we will do a safety and disability analysis before the main study starts. The inclution of patiens will continue without interuption. And the patients included in the pilot study will also be included in the main study.

2017-01-12  New year, new Energy! Malmö has already included 5 patients! Well done! Amendment for Gävle and Karlskrona is approved so they will be recruiting soon. Remember to remind your colleagues about DISCO! We don’t want to miss these valuable patients!

2016-10-19 Well done! From 26 of september untill today we have included 8 Patients!

2016-10-06 We have now reached 42 NSTEMI patients in the study. Danderyd sjukhus and Skånes Universitetssjukhus Malmö ready to include patients! More sites will soon join us.

2016-06-01 Today Elin Söderman started working with us. She is replacing Linnea as a research nurse. Welcome!

2016-04-28 The amendment for the three new sites in Umeå, Göteborg and Örebro has now been accepted by the ethics committee.

2016-02-26 During the winter/early spring Linköpings Universitetssjukhus, Umeå Universitetssjukhus, Örebro Universitetssjukhus and Sahlgrenska Universitets sjukhuset will start to include patients.

2016-02-24 We have now reached the limit of 40 included STEMI patients, keep up the good work with recruiting patients without ST-elevation!

2015-11-01 Karolinska sjukhuset Solna ready to include patients.

2015-10-01 Helsingborgs lasarett ready to include patients.

2015-09-01 Skånes Universitetssjukhus, Lund ready to include patients.

2014-12-09  Study start. SÖS and Akademiska sjukhuset